My music has been described as “Instrumental Rock Guitar with New Age, Progressive and Pop Overtones”…along the lines of Jeff Beck, Joe Satriani, etc. I’ve always tried to focus on melodic content with my songs…to make them as memorable as possible so more people can enjoy my music…not just guitarists. Songs from all three discs have had extensive airplay in Europe and the USA…even here in Canada through CBC and college radio.

Under The Radar

My most recent CD takes the listener from blazing electric rock guitar to acoustic finger style. A touch of World Beat percussion and atmospheric effects makes this my most varied release so far.

My music is available through CD Baby, iTunes or Amazon.Com.

You can listen to my music here:
Sample 1: Under the Radar
Sample 2: Severe Clear

About : Under the Radar

A fine selection of guitar instrumentals…from “Under The Radar” that recalls the work of guitar heros like Joe Satriani and Steve Vai…”Line of Sight” which is reminiscent of “Wired” era Jeff Beck…throw in the anthemic guitar ballad “Severe Clear” and you have a well rounded CD that’s sure to please any guitar aficionado.
Scene Magazine


Making Waves

My first solo release, which features the song “Light of Heart” that reached #3 on Alpen radio in Belgium. Also the song “Many Apologies” is featured in a video on my Facebook Bandpage and on YouTube.

You can listen to my music here:
Sample 1: Many Apologies
Sample 2: Light of Heart

About: Making Waves

His first solo CD is a mixture of shimmering Andy Summers style back-ups overlaid with jazz fusion-inspired lead work, in a tone and approach very reminiscent of Jeff Beck. Griegg’s skill as a songwriter and his strong sense of melody allows all of these tracks to stand on their own as memorable songs, and he clearly puts this ahead of merely devising ways to show off his ability as an extraordinary guitar player. …Greigg has a lot in common with axemasters Joe Satriani and Eric Johnson, who are songwriters first, and showcasers second. Canada has so many fantastic musicians, and yet there are so few in this country who do what Greigg Fraser does, or have the ability to pull it off.
Niagara Pulse“Making Waves” is a well played musical work that takes the listener through different textures and moods, which in itself is unusual for an instrumental album. The album is crisply produced and filled with heartfelt melodies, along with Greigg’s signature ‘chops’.
Greigg Fraser “Makes Waves” With His Debut Release
Fanshawe Interrobang

…Making Waves starts with an unusual, ethereal combination of sounds, somewhere between a moog and humpbacked whale calls. Then it shifts gears into heavier rock riffs not heard since Jeff Beck. One song rolls into the next, carrying you up and down from mood to mood.
Guitarist’s Diverse Experience Brings Many Moods to New CD…
Off Beat, London Free Press

The range of tones and techniques is astonishingly impressive. Give him a guitar of any kind, and there’s nothing Greigg Fraser can’t do.
Scene Magazine, Herman Gooden

Instrumental rock guitar… tasty riffs!
Take Notes, Carrolton, Texas
Gregg Pearlman

Overall a great guitar album and a must for guitar enthusiasts everywhere.
C&D Compact Discs,
Dundee, Scotland


Tech Noir

This disc has a “Sci Fi” theme with driving rhythms mixed with a blend of electric guitar, fretless bass and keyboards. A bit “crunchier” than my first release, but has still managed to garner a fair bit of airplay and sales both abroad and regionally.

You can listen to my music here:
Sample 1: Voice of the Air
Sample 2: Superluminous

About: Tech Noir

“The adrenaline starts pumping from the very first track, powerful riffs and evocative sounds effects uniquely combine to entertain, inspire and tantalize you. One listen and you’re hooked!”
Neil Shedden, 1000 Great Guitar Sites, Australia

“Greigg makes his instrument sing in ways that don’t sound possible – very intense…”
Pulse Magazine, Niagara Falls Canada

“…fusion-laced, dynamic instrumental rock…urgent, dynamic and superbly produced. A quality album that improves with every play”
Andy G., CD Services, Dundee Scotland

“…an excellent release for guitar aficionados!”
Fuse Magazine, Jasper Georgia, U.S.A.

“An extremely creative artist, Fraser maintains a strong guitar presence throughout the CD, while focusing on strong melodies…he succeeds brilliantly on cuts such as Superluminous and Stargazer”
Dan McAvinchey, Guitar Nine Records, Raleigh North Carolina, U.S.A.

“First impressions of Fraser are Ronnie Montrose doing his best Satriani. If you like powerful guitar rock with pumping synth work, pick this one up…Fraser truly knows how to wrench the guts outta his axe!
John W. Patterson, Progression Magazine, Lowell MA, U.S.A.